The Brains

The brains


Start-up Coach and Business Developer at day, Sustainability Activist at night. With her niche in entrepreneurship and sustainability, Kim has settled in Sweden, after having established herself as slow fashion blogger with

Shops at: Maska, Kings of Indigo, Beaumontorganic


Minimal graphic designer by day, green blogger by night. Cat-Mum and pizza-princess. Needs a cookie and at least three panda videos per day. Co-Founder of

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Political activist. Consultant and entrepeneur from Washington DC. She’s written for Fair Fashion Magazine for over a year and believes in living her values every day and enjoys being in a state of becoming.

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Johanne Stenstrup is a fair fashion enthusiast, wardrobe nerd and educated fashion manager. She runs one of the only fair fashion blogs in Denmark and co-founded the sustainable lifestyle magazine Sustain Yearly.

Vegan and Fair Fashion Blogger based in Vienna, Austria

Sustainable and Diversity Advisor born in Peru with a goal to connect, unite and empower conscious and ethical change-makers championing sustainability, diversity and identity.

Textile Engineer and fashion queen from Southern Germany. Second hand shopping enthusiast and capsule-wardrobe-badass.


I’m a 23 year old basic avocado girl with a huge obsession with the color yellow and thrift shopping. So if I would find a yellow, second hand avocado sweater, my life would be perfect.

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Nora is the Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Germany, she is engaged with the campaign since 2015 and one of the founding members of the fff – future fashion forward e.V.. She researched fashion industries in relation to culture in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and India and started

As a PR freelancer she worked with VinoKilo, Blue Ben, Drip by Drip and DaWanda as well as she started the Vintage IT-Girl/ Conscious Buyers Club. She now invests in further research in development work and global allocations and is about to finish her Master’s Degree in Culture and Religion at the Humboldt University, Berlin.

Slow fashion blogger + nature lover based in Stuttgart

She lived in the US for four years, on a farm with 6 dogs, a cat and three donkeys – and did her semester “abroad” in her home country Germany.

Shops at: Thinking Mu, Jyoti Fair Works, Dedicated


Cherie has 16+ years of work experience in the fashion industry, including design, modeling, creative direction, social media strategy, influencer relations, e-commerce and photography. She began a portrait series in January 2017, which has now evolved into an online platform, Sustainable Fashion Matterz, dedicated to spreading awareness of the many solutions to fast fashion that already exist.

Sustainable Style & Green Beauty Blogger